Mais uma semana!

a few minutes to summerize my life..

First, my english is so sad…. I know I spelt summerize so wrong. And when I talk to the other sister missionaries in our house in english (they´re american and only talk in english at home) I can´t even form straight sentences and it´s just embarrassing. Mom said my homecoming is two days after I get home.. let´s pray that Sister Packer can speak english again in two days 🙂

Also our investigator _____ is just having miracles in his life to show him the church is true. Haha like even I was amazed and I´m supposed to be the one proclaiming miracles for people. So first he saw a bunch of  crap about the church online and this really stopped his progress. We had to start teaching him in the members house next door cause his family thought we were satan worshipers (his mom told us to raise our hand if we accepted Jesus in the middle of the lesson about the word of wisdom). my favorite part was the member who was at this lesson raised his hand so fast haha 🙂 super cute. Anyway so _____ kept saying how he wasn´t ready to be baptized, and this week he was like ´´I know my baptism date is next saturday, but I won´t be baptized… (everyone pulls a sad face)… BUT the NEXT saturday I will be baptized without a doubt!´´ Our ward mission leader does a little victory clap right there in the lesson haha it was awesome. And this sunday _____ came to church all dressed like a mormon with a white shirt, but he left early to work 😦 ok well that night we visited him in the members home again and what did he say? ´´I will never work again on sunday. I went to go sell my stuff at the market and what happened?? I SOLD NOTHING. Who needs more proof from God than this?´´ WOW!

Also I think I have a bug in my tummy! O.O just like all the sisters say, it´s alright cause I´ll come home skinny. But really. I´ve already planned how my outer and inner cleansing is gonna go the first few weeks home. And we all know how my healthy mother will just do great helping me 🙂

But man am I going to miss the FOOD here!! You guys I´m going to bring home a little of everything for you to try ok? and I will have Joe´s wife teach me how to make beans like they do here cause it´s just not the same. But I will really miss the fruits and things here that we just don´t have in the states.

Anyway, this morning I was cleaning our kitchen (there´s always tons of little gnats and I kill them everyday with one of those electric bug pallets haha) and I was listening to a song that said…


how cool is that? We take the good and learn from the bad. And that is a mission. That is a life. In all we do, we need to be grateful, quick to repent, and try again. I´ve really learned this truth on my mission. God knew I needed this experience… I will always praise His name for all He has made of me that I could never even dream of alone.

And just a final note for all who have said something about this.. I am not a completely different person… I am still Logan Packer. What happens on a mission with missionaries who really let the Lord change them, is that we become a better version of ourselves. I will always be me, just that now I´m a little better, and I will continue to get better for the rest of forever 🙂 that´s it. So don´t worry all those people who think I won´t be the same 🙂 I still love you and will always love you.

Have a great week. Remember about Jesus and try to be an example He would be proud of 🙂

Love, Sister Packer


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