Stayin Alive

´´Ah ah ah ah… Stayin Alive, stayin alive.´´

My companion and I decided this is our theme song this transfer 🙂 want to know why? Well last week we had our first baptism from our new english class that I started in Tijuca (_____!) and after church we get a call from the assistants about transfers… He´s like ´´you and sister packer will go to Campinho!´´ and we´re like `´what?? the TWO of us are leaving and going to the same place??´´ haha and so my friends, I will end my mission with my companion in 5 weeks and we are just chugging along in this new place we ended up at. It took us ALL day last monday to make it out here in the middle of nowhere! For a girl who´s been living deep in the city for the last 9 months of her life it was a shock. It´s like Weiser brasilian style 😉 haha. but really. I still fight the urge to run when there´s no one in the road at night cause if that happens in the city you´re going to get robbed my friend! But it´s super wonderful here and I just feel a lot more at peace 🙂 I tell sister T that I will literally die in peace here 🙂

So something great is that even though it might seem like it, I promise I´m not trunky cause this transfer is leaving us with no time to be trunky. We have to learn a new area and everything here in 6 weeks just to leave the area for 2 new missionaries again. This poor ward! we want to help them out the best we can so all this doesn´t leave the area without progress. The ward here is so small it´s like a branch, but it´s ridiculous cause there´s like 200 names in the ward list and there´s like 60 that go to church. talking to people here it´s like ´´oh yeah I was baptized in that church one time..´´´ oh yeah I used to be a member there once but now I´m baptist. ´´

and I´m like ´´are you kidding me you´re baptist??´´ haha but I just say it in my mind don´t worry. These people are in serious need of understanding priesthood authority! This is not just one more church you guys… this is THE CHURCH. And all the rest, with all the amazing people and good principles they  teach, are just branches that were formed by MEN from the only true tree that exists. The tree that CHRIST established. So how in the world could you go back to being baptist or anything else? Just like ELder Holland said once quoting the bible ´´when  you´ve put your hand to the plow, and look back, you are not fit for the kingdom of God.`´ this doesn´t mean God is sending you out of His house, it means you walked out even when He begged you to stay.

Something cool that happened this sunday (two miracles) are that our investigator _____ (that the two other sisters before us were teaching) came to church and we annouced his baptism in sacrament meeting for next week. just that after, he´s like I´ve got to go to work cause i really need the money, and we pulled the best disappointed faces we have..and my comp gave a little sermon on sacrifice… but he left. my comp is like should we even let him be baptized if he can´t make this sacrifice? I didn´t know why, but I still felt really at peace with it and so we entered the GOspel principles class. a few minutes later, _____ COMES BACK AND SITS IN THE CLASS>< YIPEE! he said that the weather was bad and took it for a sign that he needs to stay in church. Works for me!

second miracle. the day is almost over and we get a call from our ward mission leader (who rocks btw) and says sisters there´s a family here at the church for you! It´s a family that you talked to in the road and they stopped by the church thinking the meeting was at night. OH MY! haha that´s totally fine! We´re going to stop by when our WML marked with them and they´ll come to church in the morning next week 😀 I love it when people keep their commitments.

SO here´s my novel for you since it´s been awhile since I´ve said something good. I love you all and have a great week! Beijos! xx

Sister Packer


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