This week was pretty good 🙂 more changes as now we have a new president! I just got out of a council meeting with him and all the leaders on the mission and it was really neat to meet him and see the vision he has for Rio. Oh how I love Rio 🙂 it will always be my city. It´s also SUPER neat to be with all those leaders. I know that many of them will go on to be great leaders in the church where they will live after the mission. I hope to stay in contact with many of them as we will all continue to `grow up`and learn and have our own eternal families.

The coolest thing that Presidente C said today was when he looked out at all of us and pointed at us and said ´´I see you as you can´t see yourselves yet. I see you sealed in the temple. Forever.´´ In that moment I felt a piece of what God sees in front of us. Not who we are now, but His perspective of who we will become. I know this is super trunky but it made me very excited to have my own future family for forever 🙂
Now I came to that moment when you awkwardly forget about everything that happened during the week haha. Well I remember that we reached our goal of having 10 investigators in church this past week. Sunday morning came and I woke up super happy to bring all those people to church. And so we start to walk and wake everyone up who said they´d come…. and I look at my watch and church has started and we only had 2 people with us (one of which a recent convert). and so we finally make it to church and I look around to see the other investigators who promised they´d be there. And there is not a single one… and so basically I cried during sacrament but not for the usual reason people cry. But I recieved an interesting answer from the Holy Ghost.
How can I expect investigators to come to church and keep the sabath day holy, if I spend a good portion of church outside the chapel, looking for people to bring to church?
And so my companion and I had a good talk and will repent and try again next week. I am grateful for repentance because without it I wouldn´t even want to be in the same room with myself. It´s only with repenting that we can be someone better.
Tem uma boa semana meus amigos, e beijos para todos! 🙂 Lembra sempre de sorrir e compartilhar seu testemunho com qual quer pessoa em qual quer momento porque Jesus Cristo está voltando. Eu sinto isso.


Com amor e fé, Sister Packer





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