😀 woo hoo! Everyone is going crazy with futebol! And when everyone goes crazy we have to stay inside like bats in a cave haha. But today just happens to be P-day and so it´ll be more normal. Just that it will also be P-night 😉 last week we had P-night too and we (the  sisters in the apartment, SIster T my comp from Brasilia, Sister S USA, and Sister G Chile) made a video with the potato heads that you do with drawing eyes on your chin and turning upside down you know? so we lip sang a song that´s super funny and I can´t wait to show you guys haha.

But anyway this week something crazy happened. My mission president is leaving in 4 days! Friends, can I just say I feel like my second father is dying, this feeling is so sad and I never thought it would happen to me. I love my mission president and his wife so so much. I told them that they are the reason I got my visa to come to Brasil, because they changed my life. Something wonderful is that Sister Lima (his wife) told me that in April of next year they will be there to have a mission reunion and I AM SO GOING TO BE THERE. It´ll be bittersweet to see them in my country 🙂 but of course we´ll all be happily speaking portuguese and not english haha.
So this week we´ll get a new President for my last transfer of the mission (I can´t believe I just typed that). I bore my last testimony in Zone Conference and really I just don´t feel like all of this will end. My mission is my life. Even with all the hard things, the really weird things, I can´t imagine anything else because the joy is ridiculously greater than any sadness here. It´s that kind of joy after hard work and some tears. That you weeded the whole garden in the hot sun and mom says you can come in for lunch. It´s that kind of goodness. And you guys I just don´t want it to end yet! So let´s keep going and putting everything I´ve learned these past 16 months and give my all. I want this to be the best transfer yet 🙂
A little insight that I had this week is that I have the power to ACT or to be ACTED UPON. And with that power I can wait for something to happen, or do it. I feel like this lesson seems so obvious and yet I took till the last part of the mission to really have to learn it. Because of some crazy things that are happening in our area, my companion and I are really learning how to be big girls and be actively engaged. Not letting things go wrong, but preventing and solving and also choosing to be happy no matter 🙂 yes. After all, who wants to let us into their house to hear our message if we don´t even look happy about it?? haha You have to believe in the message and LIVE the message that you preach.
Holy smokes I think I´ve said enough.
But I love you (as you already know) and I love my mission, and most of all I love my Heavenly Father and His son who has become my best friend. I know that the Restauration really happened like Joseph said it did, and that the Book of Mormon brings us closer to Christ than any other book. I know all of this because of the Holy Ghost, who is my constant companion as long as I am trying my best (key word here is trying) to do the right.
Com amor, Sister Packer

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