This week was one of the weirdest weeks of my whole life. And not really in a good way. Good things happened this week, but a lot of terrible things happened to us or our investigators and it´s weird but I grew in my testimony that the adversary is just as real as anybody else, and he hates missionary work. To add to that, I grew in my testimony of how much stronger we are than him, and it´s only by our choice that he has power. For example, yes he can put a terrible thought in your head, but it´s your choice if you´ll let it stay there. I really have come to see this truth this past week. That being said, I never want to live this week again.. so let´s just turn a page and take the good and leave the bad behind 🙂 where it belongs haha.

The highlight of my week was when I was teaching my english class (I got a cold that really knocked me out this week so I had to teach the class sitting in a chair like an elderly woman haha) and I´m teaching all the people who know a little more english than most (advanced class) and so I taught them about the book of mormon in english and we all read a verse out loud of 1 Nefi chapter 1 in english to practice. I then read the rest in english to finish and I felt the spirit come sweetly into the room as everyone was paying so close attention to me and what I was reading. Then one of the recent converts (____) from my OLD english class in the neighboring area (Andarai) who starting frequenting the english class and was soon baptized, and he bore a little testimony/explination to the students of what happened in the chapter. Everyone loved him cause he speaks really well in english and he´s funny and like 24 years old. Man what a cool experience to have him visit the class and to see how far he´s come in just a month! the gospel changed his life and he loves to do missionary work and talk about the church with anyone. I want to be that kind of member when I come back home.
And that was the good that happened this week 🙂 ha. just an FYI yes I´m getting over my cold (an investigator gave me a bunch of medicine sunday at church haha) and my neck is all better! 🙂 Heavenly Father is so wonderful.
Hope you are all well and happy and smiling 🙂 Eu estou enviando muito amor e um abraço bem grande para todos! Beijos xx
Sister Packer

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