Ola Queridos :)

Então… so… This week was the start of a new transfer and a lot of new goals for our area. (I say this every week but man is it strange to have to translate my thoughts back into english). This week my comp and I had the last council meeting with Presidente L 😦 oh man I feel so so sad that he´s leaving next month! I love my mission president. He´s the kind of man who chastises with love and leaves you feeling ready to start again and do the best you´ve got. He´s helped me come to know my Savior more than anyone else I think I´ve ever met. And now he´ll be off to be one of the area 70 and help everyone else in the world like he helped the missionaries in Rio.

Can I just stop here and say that this mission is HARD. I feel like my mission in specific is just what I asked for. I remember specifically asking Heavenly Father to send me somewhere that would `kick my butt`(I can´t believe I actually used that phrase in a prayer but I did) and so in His love He answered my prayer. I feel like a like jagged rock being squished and smoothed down and it HURTS. It´s not fun, it´s not easy, and lots of the time I don´t want to. But just like my dear Presidente L told us. When we don´t want to, who do we need to think of? The One who never gave up on me, even when it wasn´t fun or easy. I am a missionary who is getting her butt kicked because I love Jesus Christ, and HE IS WORTH IT.
I don´t have much time to say more today, but this week the world cup starts and so I will be spending more time indoors with a strict schedule to clean the house and plan and study. I just pray that our investigators can keep progressing with less time to teach them. I have yet to be a mom but I feel a little bit like one that is annoying and always calling and trying to be apart of everything in your life 🙂 because I love my investigators haha. No matter if they want to accept it or not.
Have a great week out there in the world! 🙂 and try to remember to stand out and shine the light you´ve got so that we can heed the prophet´s call and `hasten the work`. Who knows when Christ will come and we won´t have more time to help others recieve the fullness of the gospel.
Com amor e fé, Sister Packer 🙂

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