Ok I PROMISE WITH ALL MY HEART I did NOT forget your birthday!! AH! haha I DID forget to mention last monday that I´d be sending a birthday card though. sorry daddy! And sorry cause it´ll take a while to get to you… I´m sending emma´s now too so I think maybe you´ll get the cards soon after emma´s birthday haha… aww 😦 But I love you dad and I am so glad your birthday was what you love! Being outside and being with our family 🙂 Just what I love too.

So I´m not sure if I´ll write a big letter this week. But just an update it´s true I´m in my last 2 transfers of the mission already… I have no idea how this happened! I have much to do and my spirit is willing but my sad body is dying! haha this morning I woke up and something popped in my neck and now I can´t turn my head or move my arm or walk without hurting super super bad. My left side of the body. I think a nerve is pinched and so the whole left side is messed up. But I will make it to the end!!! YES! (I feel like that man in the pictures of a desert when he´s crawling on the ground to reach the cup of water haha). My companion sister T has the same time as me on the mission so sometimes it´s funny cause we´re like 2 old women dying together… 🙂 but transfers are today and we don´t know if we´ll stay together or not. It would be funny huh?
Umm I think that´s about it. We´re finding a lot of families to help, we had a baptism for a 18 year old boy who is super super cool and is already like a member, and I don´t know if you guys will remember _____ that I taught in Andarai my last area… she was super dificult and I wrote that LONG letter about the weekend we tried to baptize her… and it fell through. Well THIS WEEKEND SHE WAS BAPTIZED! I couldn´t go cause our baptism was the SAME hour! Oh how I was so sad, I cried about that. But It was so neat cause when the sisters invited her to be baptize she pulled a face and was like, Fine, but I want Elder B to baptize me (one of my good friends who leaves the same day as me) and I want Packer to be there. Oh how that warmed my heart 🙂
SO I said this wouldn´t be a long letter and there it went as a long letter haha. Woops. I love you all and this is me hugging and kissing your beautiful faces xx
 SIster Packer

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