Dearest Belovedes

Where did these last weeks go?? I just got here but transfers are next week and I sure hope my comp won´t leave me cause that means I need to know where everyone lives haha. I just need a map but who sells maps anymore when anyone (but missionaries) has some technology device that can tell you anything you want. But it´s ok… 🙂 I just ask directions and use the excuse to talk about Jesus with them.

Funny story that I promised… So in Brasil there´s favelas (a bunch of houses all stacked together) and funny things always happen there. We have a recent converse named ______ (pray for him please he´s not doing so good) and he´s 17 and the only member of his family. So we´re sitting outside his house on some steps and the neighbors (who live like three steps away cause everyone is super close together) are having a drinking party. What happened is that ______´s step dad comes up and is standing right next to me drunk as you can get, and right as my comp is testifying about going to church he starts to slap a bucket to the beat and belt out a song that says in rough translation…
and then he moved and put himself right in front of the wall of his house and seranaded the door post with his song.
And _____ turns to this man and gives him a look of
Are you kidding me?
And I am trying so hard not to laugh my face off… haha 🙂
And then this week we were walking super fast cause we were late to an appointment and suddenly a woman we were passing is right in my face asking me where the nearest church is. it startled me to death but my comp thankfully told her that our church was the nearest (which it technically isn´t but it´s the nearest TRUE church:) ) and we ended up talking to her as she started to sob because she said her husband´s in the hospital for three months and she is desperate to hear the voice of God in her life. We said a prayer with her and she was crying so hard that I held her hand  and we went back the next morning and she went to church yesterday.
I know that God knows and loves His children,. and that HE HEARS OUR PRAYERS. He hears mine every day 🙂 and I love to talk to Him.
I love my Savior and I love His perfect Gospel that changed me for the better. Have a great week and remember how blessed you are.
Love, Sister Packer xx

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