Feliz dia das Mães!

Ola Amigos!

So it´s been awhile since I´ve sent anybody anything… I have 15 minutes to give a decent update so here we go!
I am in an area in Rio called Tijuca, and my comp is Sister T, and she´s Brazilian but speaks English pretty good in an accent super cute 🙂 I love the portugûes accent in english. And we are serving together as STL (sister trainer leaders). For those who don´t know it´s like Zone leader, female style. For those who still don´t know it´s like we take care of a bunch of other sisters and go on splits with them and we also have more meetings 🙂 I like meetings only when President is there cause he speaks with fire! (he reminds me of a brazilian form of Elder Holland). I love being able to serve these sisters and finally feel like I´m in my happy place on the mission. Don´t get me wrong I´ve always been happy! Haha, it´s just that now I´m not crying about learning a language or being super lost and all that sad stuff.
Speaking of this… this morning something crazy happened. SO we get a call frm the miss. office and they put me and sis T on speaker and tell us that we´re going home August 27!! And then (after some screaming and sis T punching my arm and waving about) They ask me the airport I want to arrive in. So folks… I know I might be old on the mission (because I recieved the ´death call´which is what they call it here) but I feel like I´m just barely getting the real mission spirit! Haha I guess that´s the way it is. WHen we finally get something, time for something new to keep the progress going. But I love my mission and I will work hard until the end…. (I didn´t mean for that to sound so dramatic but it just came out that way).
And so I love my area too! We are finding FAMILIES to teach! We have a mission rule to talk to 15 new people every day and so we are always talking to someone. THat´s how we´re finding all these new people and families who are searching for more. I love teaching with the Spirit. This past week we taught a family and when we left sis T and I jumped up and down and were giggling like little girls all the way home cause it was just like a mission movie! Last week I also gave a training (that´s another thing SLT do) on teaching with the spirit and I know that without Him we can´t teach. I told my zone in the training that the most important language to become fluent in is the Spirit.
We have some exciting baptisms and things coming up, and the English class we started in this area is already picking up like it did in Andarai. ALL the missionaries know about the engçlish class I started with 3 other sisters and everyone wants to do the same thing because of all the miracles that happened. We had a video made of us and might even be in the Liahona. I just love that Heavenly Father puts these great ideas in our minds cause He sure knows I wouldn´t have thought of any of this alone haha.
And that´s about all I have to say this week. Sorry there´s no funny stories (wait till next week cause I have quite a few) and sorry I didn´t respond personally to anyone. I print off all emails and read them in my house and love them so thank you for the support!
I know the church is true and I know what that means. I know that Christ is real and with Him I can do anything.
Love, sister Packer xx

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