hello gente!

So this letter will be so short but I have two minutes to tell you all that I know that Jesus Lives. I know Him and I love my mission because I can get to know Him every day even more. I know that because of Him I can change. I am a different person now than I was a year ago when I started this crazy mission, and I love that I am different. I know that God answers our prayers. He doesn´t need us to pray, He already knows everything. But we need to pray to to be close to Him and know His will for us. Remember the church is true stay true to the church. Love sister packer



This weekend was the greatest…. want to know why?

Well I prayed ALL week long that I would be able to understand Conference in Português because last time was so sad… 8 hours of not understanding anything at all. So with a little more português under my belt I´ve been praying so hard I would understand enough to recieve the revelation I need.
So I got to the church and some Elders were like ´´ sister packer let´s all watch conference in english! ´´ And so my prayers were answered! All the american missionaries (we have like 7 in our zone) watched all 4 sessions in english. And I was so so happy and wrote down so much stuff haha. I am so thankful for prophets.
I don´t have much time but a great story about how God really does love us… So everyone knows I have a thing with crows… Or at least some of you do. And so in Virginia when I was serving there when I would see a crow I knew God was looking out for me. And needless to say in Rio it is nothing like the Rio movie with all the cute dancing birds. THERE ARE ONLY PIDGIONS HERE. I don´t think I spelt that right cause in português it´s pomba. But anyway so one morning I was doing my hair out where we have this little courtyard thing and using the glass door for my mirror (in a house with many sisters you learn these things) and suddenly a piece of the neighbors house fell and almost hit me. So I naturally looked up and I saw on their roof a parrot 🙂 the greenest little thing I´ve seen in a long time. And then I saw another, and another, and realized there was a family of parrots on the roof! They all were looking down at me and I whistled with them till they flew away. I know God knows me. Silly Sister Packer who was feeling a little low and needed 10 happy parrots to cheer her up. And he even got my attention by sending the neighbors wall down! haha
Scripture of the week D&C 14:5-9
I love you all and thank you for your prayers and support. Have a wonderful week and look for all green parrots God is sending to you 🙂
Com amor e fé, Sister Packer