Let’s see what happened this week…

Let´s see what happened this week…

1) It´s not so so so hot anymore! Well it´s still hot, but at least I´m not melting like a popsicle (by the way the popsicles here are so much better, they´re made with real fruit)
2) We taught 28 lessons o.O yeah I´ve never done that before in a week.
3) We have two baptisms marced for the 12th of April! (man I am having a really hard time typing in ingles how embarrasing) they´re names are _____ and ______ and they are both single men who are also in my english class 🙂 (all our miracles are because of our ingles class I swear!) They are both so great and honestly I am so so happy to know them.
YESTERDAY WAS THE BEST DOMINGO OF MY LIFE. Domingo is Sunday btw. And It was the neatest thing my friends. We had this activity called the sunday when no one was missing (in rough translation) and ALL the members brought people to church and so many investigators came to church that I just kept greeting people and crying a little, and greeting more people, and crying some more. Oh my heavens I have a testimony about faith and how it leads to miracles. We set up all these chairs and set a goal for how many people we wanted at church. and It was a goal so big that even lots of members were like… really? You think that setting up all these chairs will mean that they´ll be filled with people? YES. I believe in a God of faith. He wants us to show our faith, and He will provide the miracles. Just like my mission president tells us every week, the Lord is hastening the work. For all you missionaries if you think that more results aren´t possible for you or your area, think again. Don´t ever limit yourself because that means you´re actually just limiting God´s power in your life. Just to show that miracles are real, every week our frequency at church here is usually 180. But this week was almost 400. Now tell me that miracles don´t exist!
4)Conference is coming! Invite everyone to come! I know we have a prophet and what an incredible, undescribable (I know I spelt that wrong but that word is just perfect to describe what I feel) opportunity and we need to invite others to hear his words. By the way, if you only watch one or two sessions, this is me telling you to repent and watch them all and pay attention. I was awful about this before the mission and it´s still hard to pay attention when you´re tired and the apostles nice voice could put you to sleep… I know haha… but just try your very best and be ready to write down your personal revelation. It will and should be a spiritual experience that you´ve never had before.
I love you all and I love my mission that is so hard and so great. I´ve never been so beaten down, but I´ve never been so uplifted, so strengthened, healed, changed, and never felt so personally close to Jesus Christ. Have a great week preparing for conference with me!
Com amor e fé, Sister Packer

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