It’s raining, it’s pouring :)

I feel like for the first time in my life I´m cold! What a glorious feeling! I think I spelt glorious wrong? English just looks all wrong now. Anyway, bear with me friends as I can´t speak either english or português haha.

But it´s raining here and summer has officially ended… I don´t know if that means that it will actually keep cooling down or if it will return to melt your shoes off hot. Because like Idaho, just because winter officially ends doesn´t mean it stops snowing! 🙂
My ward here in Andaraí is the best. Seriously I am learning how to be a real member of the church. I want to help a lot more with missionary work when I go home. Leaders in the church are always needed and always are just so helpful! Thank you leaders and teachers in the church for what you do. If you ever feel like no one appreciates your calling, here is Sister Packer thanking you personally for what you do.
So this week we found a ton of menos ativos that no one knew existed! It was just miracle after miracle people. You know those days when you are walking all day, but finding all the people that you just know God is putting right where you are. And you almost want to just stop and look at the sky and sing praises to God because you know He is so much closer than it might sometimes seem. For example, we were buying toilet paper just now at the store and we found a man who asked US if we could visit him. WHO DOES THAT? No one. And then we asked him who he lives with, and he casually responds `with my wife and two kids`and my face was like 😀 and now we have a family to baptize because God is so so good.
Well folks it´s time to end. There are a lot of emails I have never responded and I am so sorry! I promise one day we can talk on the phone or in person and it´ll be great 🙂 Also I want you to know that I am happy where I am because I know the Church of Jesus Christ is the only true church with authority and the power to get us back to our Heavenly Father. WITH OUR FAMILIES FOR ETERNITY. Like Elder Holland says ´´it wouldn´t be heaven without my wife and kids.´´ I feel the same about you my wonderful family. I also know that Jesus Christ lives and He is our forever friend. I love Him so much and sometimes I look around to see if I can see Him because I feel Him so close. Or wait to see if I will feel the touch of His hand on my shoulder. I am who I am today because of repentance through the Atonement of my Savior. Right now writing this I am grateful beyond words for everything that He has done for me, and continues to do. Don´t ever feel like He is not there! Our God will NEVER us forsake! I testify of this with all my heart and with the authority of a servant of the Lord that we will never be truly happy without the church and the pérfect gospel.
Sister Packer

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