Happy Carnaval!

So let´s start with the apologies for everyone that I haven´t responded to basically anybody in a few weeks… my excuse is that… I have no excuse. But I love you all more than you know and even if I never say anything I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LETTERS AND EMAILS! Every little one! I promise I read them and laugh and cry and sometimes read them like 10 times 🙂 So thank you.

This week is weird because it´s carnaval and so we have to be in our house 6 at night starting last friday until tuesday. But don´t think we get to take a break kids. Our mission President really has a vision about the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. It´s EVERYWHERE. The more we live it the better we´ll be at everything we do. And so for three hours every night I get to study about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (the steps we learned in Primary that I never thought were of such critical importance as I do now)..
And oh my heavens to betsy have I learned so much more about my role as a servant of God, and as a person, and as a daughter of Zion. So I know it might sound like I´m a phanatic (I have no idea how to spell that word anymore) and a bible hugger lover who wants to preach to the world (because I am) But I really have something I want everyone to do. STUDY THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Not for me, and if you don´t want to do it even for you, then do it for HIM, Christ your brother who loves you.
Quote of the week. My companion Sister B said this as we were watching a group of drunk people in costumes for carnaval ´´take off those crazy clothes and come with me to eternal life people!´´
John 7:29
Romans 8:18
Love, Sister Packer

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