Some Crazy Changes…

Dear Everyone that I know (and some that I don´t because this will be sent to everyone my mom knows),
I hope this week in the snow was good for you, and that you aren´t freezing to death. You don´t know how many times I´ve wished to have a box of snow dumped on my head haha. But honestly I hope you guys are alright. People here say that it´s really really cold up there right now.
Ok so today we got a call telling us that my dear companion is leaving me…. in our area… and that I will be the senior companion for a brazilian sister who just got done being trained so she´s super new. I just have one thing to say about this. For those who know me, you know how I am with directions. Unfortunetly, this curse of getting lost hasn´t left me on the mission. I was lucky enough to have a GPS when I was senior in Virginia. So I need help! PRAY FOR ME! I have never asked this in an email to everyone before, but this time it´s really serious. Being lost in a country and a language that I know (USA) is very VERY different than being lost in a language and place that is not your own haha :/ (that laugh was more of a desperate nervous laugh than a funny one).
But this last week was a really really good one. My favorite lesson that we had this week was like this…
My comp and I had just climbed the biggest hill in our area to meet with two of our investigators to realize that they weren´t home. But on that hill there are a bunch of little girls who love to talk to us. They always call out to me ´say something in english!´ needless to say I love them to death 🙂 they are so beautiful and little and love to call me `tia´(aunt). But this day one of them was asking what we do (as missionaries) and she wanted us to teach her a lesson. So we all sat down on some steps (me and sister Almeida and 4 kids) and we taught the restoration using the pamphlet and pictures. Then I said a prayer really slow so that I would say a part and they all repeated what I said. It was the sweetest chorus of little voices. Goodness gracious. Jesus must have had little lessons like that a whole lot because they are so refreshing. I can´t tell you how many times adults will turn us away, but the children will beg us to stay, or ask if they can come with us. Why do we have to grow up and forget the things most important?
I don´t have much more to say this week. I won´t lie and say that a mission is easy. It´s hard. It´s the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life. By a long shot. But the things I´m learning here are changing my life, they´re changing me as a person, not just a missionary. Now I understand why my dear mother always says that the two best decisions she ever made were her mission and who she married. Thank you parents for giving me that example 🙂
Keep the faith and remember the important things in life 🙂 I love you all.
Sister Packer

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