Óla todo mundo :)

So this week was super fast. I think part of the reason is my watch broke… Can I just say that I thought I would never join the `watch lovers´ group… but here I am. Mourning the loss of my watch because I feel so disoriented! And my great tan line is the constant reminder that I am without a watch.

My aula de ingles is so great 🙂 Funny because I say a prayer in ingles to start it off every week, and it is so hard to pray in ingles! Oh my goodness I talk SOOO SLOWWW during the prayer, and I constantly stutter over words. How embarrassing. Sorry btw if this letter is all misspelled because like I´ve said before, on MY computer it shows that EVERY word is misspelled so I have no clue 🙂 And it doesn’t help that I´m forgetting English. This week I had to ask sister Lewis (an american sister) how to say batata in ingles. It´s Potato. Oh my heavens, the Idahoan forgot how to say potato… 
I have some good scriptures for you all to look up ok?
D&C 60:12; 75:2-5; 112:28; 12:8 
This week I´ve been studying about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end) because I´m giving a talk about it in Zone Conference o.O and as missionaries we study and teach about it all the time but I am still learning how really it is what we need to live for the rest of our lives. I´ll give more insights about this next week but if anyone wants to read a wonderful story about the Gospel of Jesus Christ you can read Mosiah chapter 4. It changed my perspective on our baptismal covenants and how important it is to keep them forever. 
And one last happy note. We had rain yesterday for the first time in over a month…. oh my goodness what a relief for everyone. I had to sleep with a sheet on top of me for the first time in so long cause usually I don´t have a sheet over me cause it´s so hot! Side note for anyone serving where it´s hot. Get your pajamas wet before you go to sleep 🙂 you sleep a lot better. 
This week I was reminded of how great God´s plan is for us. I know it´s true and that we are living it because we chose the right in the pre-existance. Now we need to choose the right for the rest of forever and have the atonement always with us to take our sins and give us strength to do whatever God asks. 
I love you all 🙂 OH!! HAPPY VALENTINES!! (I forgot cause valentines here is in june!)
Sister Packer 

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