Óla Gente!

Well here is the time to let my fingers fly. Apologies for the mispellings and what not, maybe the ocassional portuguese word since I do that a lot now with ingles.
Look up D&C 90:11. I´ll admit I don´t remember right now what it´s about but I know it was revelation at the moment 🙂
Yesterday was a day of milagres (miracles). We had 6 investigators at church. One just kept coming after the other. And every time I saw one my heart just filled with even more joy than I thought was possible. THEN, the last hour came about (sacrament meeting here is last hour) and I saw one of the sons of the family we are working with to reactivate (special insight, the word we use here to reactivate is resgatar, which means to redeem, how incredible is that?). And I asked him if his family was there. He pointed behind him and who did I see?? The father came to church!!! 😀 ahhhh!!! There they were like shining ducks in a row, the youngest son, the dad, and the mom. Oh my goodness was that a special moment. Something I am trying to improve is remembering the sacredness of the sacrament. That´s why we have church! To renew our covenants. No need to say `man if I could just get baptized again it would be great to start over…`you can! come to church! The mom of this family to redeem didn´t know that taking of the sacrament with a broken, willing heart, means that you become totally clean again. When she learned that she came to church the very next sunday.
I love how the gospel changes people here. How it´s changing ME. Sometimes I just have to take a moment and shake my head and look up at the sky and ask `how am I so blessed to know about the gospel of Jesus Christ?`I don´t know what I did to deserve it. I know there is no way I ever could. But I want to work my hardest to show my gratitude, because honestly that´s all we can do.
I know that the only thing God doesn´t already have is our free agency. That´s why it´s so important to want the same things that God wants. If He already has everything, already knows everything, and the only thing falting is our desire and decision to take His hand in trust, then what are we waiting for. We are creatures of progression. This is what we are made to do. Grow and learn and change and become better. But who can ever help us do that better than He who created us. I know that this is why we have commandments. THings like praying and reading scriptures (bible, book of mormon, ensign) DAILY are not things to overlook. If you don´t do these things, maybe it´s time to use the gift of repentance and start now 🙂 that´s what we teach our investigators. I think we ALL fall under the same catagory.
I know God and Jesus Christ live, have bodies, and know us. Never forget the role of the Atonement and repentance. If you feel a little like the religion thing isn´t for you right now, that no body understands, that you´re tired of it all and need a break, remember that there is one who lived EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. The Atonement was not just a moment in a garden. It can change your life.
I love you all, And I love my Savior, who has redeemed ME.
Sister Packer

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