Óla :)

One of the most simple happy moments of my life was when I figured out how to type an accent in portuguese on these keyboards. Now I can type words like Já and Olá and others that I can´t think about right now 🙂 hah. 

This week was… interesting. YES I am finding my way around. THANK YOU FOR THE PRAYERS. God is very good to me and no matter how I try I never deserve all the good things that happen. A neat story about getting lost was that last night we were walking to a menos ativo ( less active) family as our last appointment that night and without looking at the map I had the distinct thought that they lived on a certain road that i know. So we started walking that way. We passed by an apartment complex and my comp and I both had the feeling to talk to this man who was standing inside the gate of the complex (apartments have gates here and you have to beep this thing to get in). So my comp started talking and she ended up teaching the entire restoration in the middle of the road, with him on one side of the gate. During the first vision he was so captivated that he didn´t realize someone was trying to leave through the gate. We are going back there to teach him this week. When we left we kept walking to that family and I had the impression to check the map. THan´ts when I realized that they lived on a different road…. and I realized then that God used my weakness of directions to find that man who was hungry for the truth. I feel very small and humbled by this little experience that shows just how much our Creator knows, and how little we do. 
The neatest thing this week was that we had 57 people at our ingles class. 😀 YES!!! we split the class in two and I teach the larger class full of the people who know very little (sister lewis is also american and she teaches the more experienced, speaking to them only in English haha. She said she feels like the MTC in that class cause there´s a lot of blank stares when they don´t understand). And so my group (about 40 pessoas) is great 🙂 and huge! And I taught them ALL how to say a prayer in ingles 🙂 haha man while I was standing in front of them all, I just kept thinking how cool it is that I can talk to them in their language, and that I´m living my childhood dream of teaching an ingles class on my mission. We´re hoping to have lots of positive results in our area with this class 🙂 (by the way, out of 57 there´s like 54 nonmembers).
Quotes of the week:
`I know I need to give 2 years of my life to the Man who gave His life for me.`a young man named Mateus in my ward here. 
´the Lord doesn´t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.`Elder Perez my District leader.
I know that we have the same gospel here on the earth that Jesus established for us. I know that we need a prophet and apostles  and authority to have this gospel. And I know that the only church that has this gospel is a Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias.  
Love Sister Packer 



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