Letter for the whole world

Time just goes faster and faster!
Ok some things that have happened…
I drank my first coconut and it was the best thing of my life. Coconut water is so NOT overrated. We buy little cups of it from booths on the corners of the streets when we have change to spare. How it soothes my flaming body. By the way… IT IS SO HOT HERE.
We are going to have an English class in our chapel! And I will be the teacher! Do I know what I´m doing, No way. Am I excited, Heck yes 🙂 I have always wanted to teach an English class ever since I learned that Dad taught them on his mission. We already have about 20 people, and all of them are none members. Let the fun begin! 🙂 (if I get transferred this next week before it starts I will cry oh so very much).
The Christ Statue here got hit by lightning and lost a few fingers. It´s good to know that the REAL and LIVING Christ has a perfect body and it will never happen to Him.
Look up Exodus 4:10-12
And also 3 Nephi 9:18 – Enduring to the end of our lives, and even past that, means becoming like Christ. He is everything, He is the final mark, the goal that we are reaching for.
I have no more time 🙂 shocker. But this week was crazy and amazing as usual. I honestly don´t know who will believe all the crazy stories I have to tell when I get back home because i don´t believe they really happen myself. But I am so happy to be here. It is something I have never once regreted, and I know I will never regret for the rest of my life. The Church is True, stay True to the Church.
Love, Sister Packer

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