Feliz Natal from Rio :)

Hello friends and family,

So I´ve been thinking and thinking of what I could write as my Christmas Email, seeing as it´s a very special time of year. I´ve decided I will just write whatever and everything on top because my letters are kinda on the short side sometimes, so maybe the best present is just anything (at least I know for my sweet parents that´s the truth, and if any of you think otherwise, sorry about that 😉 haha)
There is a place here called Mundo Verde (Green World) and if you know me, you know I like this place 🙂 it is a little piece of my home life in a store. There is everything healthy and delicious inside, including oils and things like that. The only problem is the translation for when I want something specific (usually I get something that just looks good to eat) but if I bring my dictionary I´m sure I will always be able to find what I want. So something that I want to take home with me from my mission is Cevada. If any of you know if it exists in the states please pass the word along before I fill up my siutcase. It´s a lot like coffee they say (never tried coffee so I don´t know) but it´s good for you, so we buy it for all the investigators and it´s great! 🙂
At a district meeting we were talking about helping our investigators find answers to their prayers, and one of the sisters said something that I think is very profound. She said we need to help them pray in the name of Jesus Christ, because if they just say ámen´, anyone can answer the prayer. Including the adversary. The only way to pray to God the Father is through the Son, because He is the mediator between us. I don´t let the prayers of our investigators end in just Amen anymore.
John 17:3 Eternal life means coming to know Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. How wonderful is that 🙂 that we not only have this life, but the eternities to get to know them perfectly.
We have been recieving SO MUCH FOOD this week. We didn´t even buy groceries this week haha. They have so many Brazilian goodies here.
We are teaching a woman and she is so close to baptism! Please pray for her this week as we have a date set for the 28, but she is so scared because she thinks she won´t be able to `perseverar ate o fim`or persevere to the end. We have gone over everything with her so many times but I have to admit she has a point. Baptism is very serious, and she takes is seriously. But at the same time, Fear is not having Faith in the Almighty God. I heard a sister say that one time. And it´s true! we don´t have to be perfect before baptism, and we don´t have to be perfect after. We sure do have to try our best, and we will be accountable for that. But Baptism is the DOOR. I sure hope that we can help her feel that her best present she could ever give to Christ this Christmas is offering up her fearful heart, and be willing to make the first covenant with Him.
I want to remember this more. That I have covenants to keep, and my willing heart is the best present to give our God who has given us everything. The only thing He doesn´t have is our agency. THAT is why it´s so critical that we give our will to Him. He already has everything else. But when we hand over our will, He makes us into the people we need to be. We ALL have a divine potential 🙂 never forget that. Anything otherwise is a lie.
Remember I love you all so much. And remember to pick out a spiritual gift to strengthen or develope this next year. If you don´t know what to choose, look up spiritual gifts on LDS.org and I´m sure you´ll find a talk. Then prayerfully choose what you want to develope, and pray for opportunities to develope it every day. Study it in the scriptures and ensigns. Set a vision for yourself. I know spiritual gifts are real, and that they´re not only a good idea, God wants us to have them. I think that makes them pretty important 🙂
Merry Christmas to all. I know our Savior came to this earth, and not only did He live here for us, but He Continues to Live In Us if We Let Him. He is a living being. Think about that for a minute, and then think about how we can get to know Him better. He is the Reason for the Season 🙂
Com amor e fé,
Sister Packer

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