Merry (almost) Christmas!

Hello one and all!

I have not written a big email like this in a very long time. I´m sorry if anyone thought I got eaten by a monkey (they have those here btw) or swallowed up by the ocean (they have a lot of that here too). All the missionaries know that we just don´t have any time!
Here is my week in no apparent order (forgive my english/spelling, I can barely speak much of english or portuguese right now).
One time I used a members bathroom and I turn on the light before entering and there is the biggest cat I have ever seen. It took me a minute to realize it wasn´t a dog. I thought about going to the bathroom with him in there, but decided I´d better not, and tried to nudge him out. Well, this dogcat didn´t like that so much, and tried to bite my foot. so I found the dish of cat food, and carefully, prayerfully coaxed the beast from the cave, and then set the food down and ran to the bathroom before he could follow me inside. Phew!
IT´S SO HOT HERE!!! It´s so hot I feel like I´m on fire sometimes. Just a walking ball of fire. My hands swell up and sometimes when we kneel down to pray at night my knees are so sweaty that I can´t kneel without sliding around 😦 blech. But Im getting some pretty cool tan lines 😀
(Sometimes I put my arms and hands in the freezer at our house and just stand there for awhile. Anyone serving in a hot place, try it :))
An incredible experience happened this week that taught me a good lesson on obedience. We were at a lesson and it was the last of the day. The lesson ended at 8:55 and I had been feeling hungry all day… and the lady offered us this plate of yummy roles. So my comp and I caved and we scarfed down the whole thing. The man there looked  out the window and said it had started to rain, so the lady let us borrow her umbrella and we were on our way. The snack set us back in time, seeing as we´re supposed to be in our house at 9 if we can, and at 9:30 at the very latest.
So we take a bus to our house, but on the bus there´s so much traffic (not usual that time of night) that we were sitting there for nearly 30 minutes. The rain is getting harder and harder this whole time, and my comp and I are just hoping that we get home before 9:30.
We get off the bus finally and it´s about a 5 minute walk home. As we´re walking, I look down at my clock and it´s 9:30. And then at that moment the rain REALLY came down. The wind made it hard to walk, and my clothes were so wet my skirt was litterlly falling off my body. We were drenched the extent of having jumped in a pool, and it only took about a minute. The umbrella broke in the wind, and in a panic we started to run and asked the nearest appartment doorman to let us in. Needless to say… We finally made it home after waiting a few minutes, gathering up our courage and running the rest of the way. I have never seen rain like that before. It was a lot like the storm on the other side of heaven. I know that if we had been obedient, we would have made it home in time.
That is my lesson on obedience. We are protected when we´re obedient. Even with the little things.
Sorry I wrote a novel this week. I love you all and want you to know I know this gospel is true. There is no other way. Jesus Christ is the way.
Love, Sister Logan Packer

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