Feliz Natal!

Hello my dear loved ones,
Oh my goodness here we are again! That strange camp fire song ‘We´re all together again, we´re here we´re here…’ just came to my head. How about I sing a nice church song now haha 🙂
OH! I am staying in my area!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! 😀 EU ESTOU MUITO FELIZ!! I love this place I´m in. did I tell you that the work in our area is so good that we have 4 sisters in our ward? I don´t think I did. But it´s so fun cause we work together, and we all live together, and it´s just a blast and a half. I´ve never lived with a lot of sisters like this before. And we get to spend Christmas together!!! OH IT JUST MAKES MY WHOLE DAY 😀
And finally I will give the response everyone has been waiting for…. where is sister packer in relation to the Cristo? Well right now I am north of it. Not too far away. Sometimes in certain places I can see him 🙂 I take photos every time I see him and I will eventually send one to you I promise. (my camera is currently with an éxhaisted battery´) But I am not allowed to visit there till the last Pday of the mission. Talk about a build up of suspense!!!
Some scriptures I found during the week to share with you:
Doctrine and Covenants 39:11-13, 64:32-34
We had a primary program and both of our progressing investigators (Antonia and Vania) came! They both loved it. AND it was so special. Wow, I could not stop from smiling because the spirit was so sweet. They sang so good and it was very special because I knew all the songs, but they were of course in Portuguese. So it was so neat to hear the same message in the cute little songs,  and be able to now understand in a different language. I pray for the gift of tongues and the gift of the Holy Ghost every day.
That´s something else I wanted to say… There are so many spiritual gifts. I think everyone should research them and pick one to work one. I did this when I was in YW (it was the gift of listening and the gift of discerning spirits, both of which I have had many neat experiences with). But we can always develope more. That´s my Christmas Challenge for everybody 🙂
One last thing (there is SOO MUCH TO SAY but so little time, I´m sorry!) Alma 28:14 talks about how there is both sorrow and joy in missionary work. Why is that? Well I watched a video this week that changed my mission. It´s called the Atonement and Missionary Work, with elder Eyring and Holland. And they tell us that of course it´s not going to be easy. Lot´s of people won´t listen. Most people won´t listen. Why try? But why should we ever think it would be easy for US if it was never easy for HIM? Our Savior suffered so much that He asked to find another way… well for us sometimes we want another way. But this is the way. And whenever we want to rest, to take a break, to slack a little, just REMEMBER HIM.
I love you all, and I love my Savior.
Sister Packer

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