The week where I type everything that has ever happened to me in Brazil….

Ok here we go kids 🙂 

This is going to be a little random.
First, we had our first baptism!! It was for a nine year old adorable boy. We are reactivating his mom, strengthening the grandma, teaching the dad, and softening the heart of the grandpa. Man this family is ready for big changes, and it´s because of sweet G that it´s possible because that’s how we got our foot in the door. And kept bringing our feet back in the door about three times a week since I got here haha. We are planning for G´s parents to be married this month, and then by then we want the dad to be ready for baptism and who knows, maybe the grandpa will be too! He´s like a big grizzly bear kinda man who hates wearing a shirt and likes to drink and wouldn’t come to G’s baptism. But his heart is changing! He likes it when we come over although he´d never say that to us 🙂 He just needs love.
Brazilian food is INCREDIBLE. I’ve received emails from other Brasil missionaries and they all say the same thing. WOW. Rice and beans every day, yes. Haha they weren’t joking about that. But it´s all SOOOO GOOOOD. I honestly eat so freaking much. BUT, don´t worry. I am the same awkward bean pole 🙂 because we eat a TON at lunch, and walk it all off by night time. And we don´t take dinner breaks here because Lunch is when we eat with members. I like it 🙂 My body is now accustomed because every time lunch comes around I turn into a ravenous beast, but at night time I just need a little something when we get home, and sometimes I don´t need anything at all.
What´s funny about Brasil food isn’t that they have rice and beans every meal, it´s that they make a main dish like lasagna or noodles or chicken or all of those, and then they have a salad too, and then they have a side of potatoes, and another side of chicken and noodles prepared in a different way than the OTHER dish of chicken and noodles, and then they also have rice and beans 🙂 I just love it all.
OHH and they have the best deserts ever!! I LOVE THE ICE-CREAM and this other thing that looks like a caramel cheesecake thing but I have NO IDEA what it is.
Funny stories.
So my companion is Brazilian, and although I got pretty dark this past week (and really really burned last weekend at an activity outside that I´ll write more about another time) I am not Brazilian. So sometimes I really just don´t understand what´s she´s doing. One of the first weeks here she wanted to make some banana bread because she loves it and Brazilians freak out when she makes it for them cause they’ve never had it before. But we really had next to nothing in our apartment at first (we’ve been slowly accumulating) and so she was trying to find a bowl to mix it in right? well she comes out with the light fixture that is dish-like that covers the light you know? and she washes it really good in the sink, and then, to my horror, she mixes the banana bread in the light fixture. And I had to leave the kitchen before I started laughing. The next day, as we´re sitting on a very crazy bus (the buses are like roller coasters here. WOOPY 🙂 I love them haha) with Elder Hawks and Elder Sepuvida (the Elders on our island) and we’re eating the banana bread, I tell elder hawks in english that she mixed it in a light fixture. Ohh the look on his face haha. He asked SIster Kreling about it, but she didn´t understand. Finally it clicked. And she was like “I did what??” and then i realized that she had no idea it was the light fixture, she thought it was a bowl. Ohhh maan we laughed really really hard all the way home 🙂
That same week I invited a cute old man to church in awful Portuguese, and he said something that I didn´t understand that made my companion laugh. So not knowing what to do, I looked him in the eye and smiled back at his toothless smile and told him God loves him and I hope he remembers it. After we had walked away, my companion finally told me that he had said he wanted me to be his wife…. well… how´s that for a turn down. Oh you want to marry me? Well that´s nice, God loves you even though I don´t 🙂 haha oh it was terrible..
Ok that´s all I have time for this week folks. Till next time! I love this work!
Love Sister Packer

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