Weekly Letter

I figured since in a few weeks I will be speaking a language I don’t know, I might as well use it a little 😉 and when I say a few weeks, I mean I AM LEAVING FOR RIO IN 13 DAYS!!!
Funny story about that..
So Sister Sauer-Davis (my sweet companion I am training) checked the phone and saw a text from our mission president (kinda a big deal) that said simply: 7:28 on 9/30.
How cryptic is that?
So we asked if he meant to send that to us. A few hours later he said: Yes. So then we asked what it meant… And joking around, my comp says “I’ll bet it’s your flight to Brazil sister packer.” HA! Funny joke 🙂
A few hours later.. we are driving to a dinner apt when all of a sudden she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. (no we did not crash. by the way, I’m driving now for the first time in 6 months. #watchout). So I then ask her what the heck is going on and she tells me we got a text back from president that says: Flight to Rio! Please Call.
So of course, we did 🙂 and our speaker phone doesn’t work so I waited patiently till Sister Sauer-Davis got off the phone and she told me he’s just so excited and that’s the day I fly out and they’ve already bought the ticket… And all I’m doing is trying to drive and not be sick with all the butterflies banging around like a mosh pit in my stomach.
But I am feeling much more at peace about the whole thing now (perhaps it’s because I’m in denial that it’s really happening? who knows). All I want to do is prepare this area and my companion for the next 13 days. So we are working hard and planning a lot and organizing EVERYTHING. The map, the area book, our white board of information, because Sister Sauer-Davis might not even stay here next transfer. And we have a family getting baptized in like four weeks!!! I’m not panicking! haha
*stops to take a deep breath*
It will all be okay 🙂 that is my spiritual thought today. The Lord knows. He knows me, He knows our investigators, He knows it will all be ok. All I have to do is trust him.
I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior. They are the reason I am here now, and they are the reason for all I do. That might not have been the case when I came out here, but it is now. I love them, and they are real to me. As if they are standing by me, telling me what to do, what to say, how to act. They are my best friends. And all I want is for the people I meet to know that for themselves. I am in the business of recovering identities. That’s all it is, helping people remember what they used to know. And HOLD ON to truth when we receive it! Don’t ever let go! Don’t you dare let go of that truth.
God loves you all 🙂 have a great week. And pray that I don’t lose my sanity as my heart is being torn two different ways.
Love, Sister Packer



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