Unexpected Changes!

Hello everyone 🙂 If you didn’t already get my crazy screaming message…. MY VISA IS DONE!! 😀 I think it’s coming soon… I can’t believe it! I’m reminded of my sweet mother and how her mission experience was so similar.. Her visa didn’t come to go to France, she got reassigned to Philadelphia, and 6 months into her mission, she went to France. Crazy to think that not only is that happening to me, but that I’ve even been out that long!!
On that note, I almost don’t want to go! I love Virginia! I remember asking my mom is she loved Philadelphia or France better looking back, and she said she loved them both the same. I never thought I would be able to say the same for myself, but I love these people here. I have served with them, taught them, seen them change, cried with them, prayed with them, and come to value their lives above my own. It’s not crazy anymore to think about the sons of Mosiah and how they were so determined to help their brothers come unto Christ that they were willing to give their lives for it. Ammon promised King Lamoni that he would be his servant, perhaps “even till the day I die.”
Two miracles that happened this week. One, Angel, H and M are getting baptized!! 🙂 on the 12th of October is the date we set. Oh how I want to be here for that! They are progressing so fast and I know they are a God send to us humble sisters. They plopped right in our laps when we needed a miracle. What’s crazy is that like so many others I meet, they end up blessing my life way more than I could ever bless theirs. The only reason they feel blessed by us is because of who we represent, the Master teacher and all He gives to us.
And then there’s MB. I don’t know if I ever wrote about him, but he goes by Pappy, and he and his wife S are like Mr and Mrs Clause. They make toys in their basement for a living and are so so nice. Well the elders have been teaching them for a couple years now but haven’t seen much progression. We went there a couple times, but I was almost decided on dropping them. For more reasons than I’ll share on here, I just didn’t feel good about it. I didn’t want to teach them. It was three weeks after our last appointment that I was sitting with my new companion that I have now (Sister Sauer-Davis) and I looked at our board of investigators, and I said “we need to see Pappy and Sue today.” While I still didn’t want to, I knew it was what the Lord wanted, so we did it. We had a wonderful member come with us because Sue wouldn’t be home during the day, and we went and taught Pappy the Restoration. I knew he’d been taught it many times before, but i didn’t know what else to do to re-kindle any testimony he might have had. My companion’s turn ended, and I began to teach the part that talks about Joseph Smith and the vision he saw. I quoted the first vision as I looked him right in the eyes. His face has never looked that still, that reverent. When I finished I asked if he thought this could be true, and without any sarcasm he answered “I don’t know why it wouldn’t be.” He then explained how his testimony had come over the years, how he knew it when the elders taught it, and how it had to be right. I asked him if he would be baptized and he said he would, but not without Sue. She was the one who was unsure about it all. Then he said something that really startled me, he said that he’s never heard story as perfectly as I told it right then. He said it needs to come from the heart, not a paper you read from. He said he’s seen a difference in the kind of missionary I am than others, and that I’m a really good one. Then, the member we brought started saying the same thing. She started to cry and say that in other lessons she’s been in with me (she comes to teach a catholic man we teach every week) that she sees how much I love the people and serve from the heart. At this point I was speechless.. almost crying too because I knew that God had given me what I’ve always wanted, the gift to be able to speak to people, to teach, and to love. And not be afraid. I didn’t realize how much I’ve grown in that until this week. And it’s all from Him, the one who is the giver of all good things. Heavenly Father has blessed me more than I can ever say. I am so humbled by His majesty, and how I could ever be important in His eyes. But I AM. We ALL are GREAT in His sight. Never forget that my dear friends! Never forget the goodness of the Creator of beautiful YOU.
I love you all. I love my God, and His perfect Son who saves me every day.
Love, Sister Packer.

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