Ola Amigos!

I want you all to know that I am alive and I finally made it 🙂 (to those who told me I never would.. I will let your own consciences do the punishing haha). Oh and I apologize right now for how crazy this letter will be because of time and that every other word I type is wrong according to this Portuguese speaking computer.
My companion is Sister Krelling 🙂 She is Brazilian although she has a German name. Actually her dad is German and her mom is from Spain but she says she is Brazilian haha. She has light brownish hair so it´s funny cause sometimes I think I look more Brazilian than she does. That’s another thing, there is a WIDE spectrum of Brazilians. Some are white, some black, some in the middle. It’s really interesting for sure. And the Portuguese is different when certain people speak it as well. Lisps are the worst!! I can barely understand as it is!! haha but something that is awesome and just honestly makes me want to cry with happiness is that I can understand A LOT more than I thought I would be able to. I have been here exactly 7 days, and every single day I can feel myself getting better at the language. It is a visible progression that amazes me. Don’t think for a second that it’s anything to do with me either. My loving Heavenly Father is truly blessing me when I don´t deserve it. He is quickening my mind to comprehend these people. I still don’t know how to say very much at all. I can understand a LOT more than I can speak. But because my sweet companion doesn’t speak more than 20 or so simple words in English.. (haha woo hoo!) I am literally forced into Portuguese. I consider this a blessing.
Umm lets see what else. Well I hope mom and dad you get my letter I sent or emailed I´m not sure which that I wrote from the mission home. And that Jarom got my letter for his birthday:) Wow bud we are getting old!!
Yes mom I would LOVE an English ensign! I was thinking about it all 8 hours of Portuguese droning on and on and on.. and on. and me not understanding much at all. The worst was that they would start speaking in English and then the Portuguese translator would start the voice over. So I got a small taste of what I could be hearing but couldn’t. But guess what?? for the first session on Sunday, a very nice man in the ward was able to connect his computer and have a silent English one playing with English subtitles so I could read along while the Portuguese continued. OH I WAS SO HAPPY! There’s an American Elder in my area and we sat on the front row and watched it. Don’t worry, there was enough space between us to fit the entire mission library, and all my Portuguese books, and maybe all my other stuff too haha 😉
Oh I´m out of time. Okay I will organize my thoughts better and be able to say more next time. I want to send pictures home so I´ll figure out something with that..
I love you all! Family of mine… you are the faces I see when I close my eyes and need a moment of peace. Thank you for being such a good foundation for me! I know this gospel is true. I know Jesus Christ is real, He loves us, and He knows us. And I want more than anything to know Him back. John 7:29 look it up 🙂
Until next week.
Love, SIster Packer


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