More goodness!

Ok so lots of awesome happening around here. Just to give a background.. when I first got to this place I thought it was dead. There wasn’t much going on, the investigators didn’t know our purpose and weren’t progressing. It was awful. But man we have worked our tails off and overcome whatever hold the adversary had on this place. Because we put God first, He helped us to overcome the curse of the land. And here are some miracles from it…
Our non progressing investigators we had are now progressing. Five have commited to baptism when they know it’s true, and one woman that we almost dropped now has a baptism date.
Our investigators kinda fall into our lap. My favorite are a mother and her two daughters. I love them more than my own life. Her daughters are 9 and 7 and we hope to have them baptized late September after little M turns 8. We found them while they were walking and they actually let us in when we went back to our appointment. Ever since then I knew God sent them to us. They’ve come to church twice and loved the Plan of Salvation with the little circles you lay on the ground 🙂 every time we see them (before we’d even talked about baptism actually) little M was asking when she could be baptized. The gospel is true friends!
And some thing else awesome… A woman who has been inactive for who knows how long) came to church this Sunday. I don’t think she’s been for YEARS. And everyone keeps inviting her, but it wasn’t until we kept going over and helped her remember her OWN testimony of church that she told US she wanted to come back. When the spirit teaches, it works. She remembered how she knows it’s true and wants it again, without us even saying anything. I loved seeing her happy face as she got out of the car and said “I’m here! I made it!” She took off work time to come, and will have to make it up later in the week, but she decided this all on her own because the spirit touched her heart:)
Everything is just going so happy sunshiny here 🙂 the spirit is with us when we try our best (even when it hurts a whole lot to try). I just heard from the mission president that everyone might be getting transferred Thursday.. so here we go again! I come to love the people more than I can stand, and then I move and just love all over again. It wouldn’t be possible to come up with more love to give if not for the Savior instilling it in me when I serve His people. I love Him for that.
Love, Sister Packer x

2 thoughts on “More goodness!

  1. Hi Sister Packer I was just looking for your book and came across your blog 😊 I am so thankful that u came into our lives, we love you and the other Sister missionaries so much. Little M is ready more than ever after witnessing Little D’s baptism tonight. We are going to miss you tremendously when you go to Brazil but its not good bye it’s until we meet again. Keep the gospel going as I know you will and you will be sure to touch others hearts as you have touched ours. 😊

    • Angel,
      I have thought about you and your daughters nearly every day since leaving Virginia! The time I spent with your family is a treasure I will never forget. I want to hear how things are going sometime! May you always feel God’s love for you. Sister Logan Packer

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