The Quickening Work…

First, I would just like to say that it’s crazy to see that little book all over BYUI! I just can’t believe it! I think I’m in happy shock about the whole thing. Thank you so much family for supporting me in that. It means everything to me 🙂
The missionary work here is really picking up now. It was a little dead when I first got here but we found 6 new investigators this week and a lot of good potentials. We have a baptism this weekend as well and a few possibilities coming up. Something that I’ve been working on is overcoming the natural man in order to find and teach. Basically removing anything that blocks me from God so I can be a more effective missionary. I feel a lot better about myself and the work here. There is no place too dead or cursed that can’t be changed with enough effort and faith! That is what I learned this week. God loves all of his children, even the stubborn ones, and wants them ALL back. The worth of every single soul is great in His eyes, the eyes of who created us. I feel so blessed to associate with these people and help them come closer to Christ.
So miracle of the week… We were doing some tracting before a dinner appointment with a wonderful recent convert lady, and we saw a mom and her two girls walking by. We kinda chased them down in the least creepy way possible (very hard to do p.s.) and Sister George did an awesome job of testifying of eternal families. We asked if we could come by sometime and share more (and much to my surprise) they said yes! and not only that, she gave us her address and set a specific time. So yesterday we raced over there right after church. My doubting heart was pretty sure they weren’t going to be home (when people set a return appointment, sometimes it’s so they can make sure NOT to be there at that time). BUT as soon as we pulled in they opened the door and welcomed us inside. The girls gave us water and no bake cookies (we broke our fast right then in our heads of course so we didn’t offend them ;)) and then we shared the beautiful message of the restoration with them. They are now coming to church and the mom (rightly named as Angel) will read and pray about the BOM. I was in shock. I’m still in shock. We found a family to teach. The Lord led them to us even though I was like doubting Thomas.
This is His work, and I am just His little servant. I love him so much and am grateful to be His missionary
Love, Sister Packer