So I moved again!

The apartment we were living in had been lived in by Elders for 25 years. That means before I was born, missionaries were there! And yes, I know that’s the reason why I immediately got sick after moving in. And I got better after moving out. IT. WAS. SO. SICK. NASTY.
So we’re living in a new place that’s clean while we slowly deep clean the other place. Honestly I wish we could just burn it down, it would be doing the complex a favor. But we’ll get it clean 🙂 one day, one sticky wall, one dark cupboard at a time.
Funny story about cleaning… SO we asked some missionaries to help us out with it, and the only ones with time were the District leader and his comp. Elder Brown and Elder… I forget his greenies name. But they are both pretty new and super super sweet boys. So we were unloading stuff into our new apt and the DL’s were cleaning our old one until we got there to help. Little did we know that we can’t all clean together. SO we get there and are unlocking the door, and the greenie’s face comes into view on the other side, looking like he’s having a panic attack. Then Elder Brown comes around from the back room, running, actually running, to the door, hand outstretched like he’s going to project something from his palm to stop us, shouting “SISTERS, SISTERS STOPP!”
We of course obeyed, not really sure what to do other than stand outside the door, looking like we were in trouble but we were’nt sure why. When they explained we couldn’t be in the apt at the same time I tried and failed to hold back my smile. How righteous they are! How innocent and obedient! It made my whole day and we still quote them when we want a good laugh.
We got 4 new investigators this week, all from tracting. Which is pretty awesome. 3 are a family. They let us in and we didn’t have time for a lesson so we invited them to a church tour. We had it the next day, and they showed up looking all cute in their Sunday best. They’re all very beautiful women with dark skin and black hair. At the end we were sitting in front of the baptismal font, teaching the restoration, and Sister Montgomery asked them if they would be baptized if they knew this was true. My favorite immediately nodded her head and leaned forward in her chair with this excited look on her face. Her sister was less sure, but it was their mom who helped them commit, and she did too. BAAAHHH!!! THE  CHURCH IS TRRUUUEEE 😀
My companions and I spoke this Sunday about Hope in Christ. I had about 10 minutes to speak, and 30 minutes of talk. So I shared the story of you, mom, and your accident at the family reunion two years ago this month. I talked about how you and dad had the hope that because you kept your covenants, everything would be alright. You knew in whom you had trusted, and you knew God would keep us together forever if we kept our side of the promise. Thank you for being the perfect examples to me of that hope, that no matter what, in the end it will all be made right.
Some quotes I liked this week:
“we’re not asked to die for Christ, but we are asked to live for Him.” RS
“If we do our best, He will not let us fail.” Neal L Anderson
“The most effective missionaries always act out of Love.” Russell M Nelson
“What does the “re” in repent mean? It means you do it again. Repeat. Repent.” President Packer
I love you all and am so blessed to know you 🙂 I love this work, and I love my Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ, who is my best friend and my healer. Remember the Lord is preparing people TODAY. Who do you know that needs Christ in their lives? Don’t wait till tomorrow to share the light we have. We don’t know how blessed we are to have it!
Love, Sister Logan Packer

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