The song of the heart is a prayer unto me…

Hello tan lines!
I know you all just wanted to see a blown up picture of my feet so bad.. but I just had to share how ridiculous they look haha. That’s one thing I won’t miss about Virginia, having to wear church shoes every day. The same ones. But sandals will come soon enough. 

So this week has been the week of song. Our new mission president, Pres Wilson, told us this week that we should all start singing in our lessons, and using the pamphlets more too. So that day we had a lesson with an investigator. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned her before but she’s catholic, married to a less active member in the ward that no body’s really seen (if I didn’t see a pic of him in her house I wouldn’t know what he looked like or if he was even real). But we’ve been teaching her all transfer and she is just so wonderful. she’s come to church many times, bringing her two little boys with her. So she’s kinda got the dry sarcasm thing down to perfection, and I know she doesn’t really like singing or lovy dovey stuff like hugs, so I was wondering how she would take us just bursting into song this time. We start to sing and poor sister mondgomery looses it. Like really starts to just laugh so hard. and then we’re all laughing, and I’m pretty much the only one who finished the song. For those who have never heard me sing, it’s because I have no musical talent. So you can imagine how my solo went, with the chorus of hysterical laughter as harmony. Oh my lanta 🙂 haha
Anyway, the rest of the week we just kept singing. We sang for the old man who just lost his wife and doesn’t believe in God. We sang for the lady who wouldn’t hear our message because she was “comfortable in my Methodist faith.” We sang for the less active family we’re teaching the discussions to to re-activate them. And what happened you ask?? miracles. Miracles happened. Hearts were softened. Cold faces turned to smiles. And we got a lot of “thank you for coming” and “god bless” and “try to stay cool girls” instead of “no thanks” or “I’m not interested.” Like Sister Montgomery puts it, when they won’t listen to your testimony, sing it to them. 
I want to tell you one more story about another lady. It was my turn to knock the door as we were tracting, and she opened it. I felt like I should ask her if she’s doing okay, and she said she wasn’t. her health is bad and her husband had gone to get her medicine. She let us in and we told her about our missions. She’s roman catholic and loves Jesus so so much it’s amazing. She wants to be a missionary with us so bad. She went and got a BOM an old friend sent to her and had me read aloud the testimony her friend wrote inside. The spirit filled up that room like a pitcher of water. She was so glad when we said we live close and can come see her again. Before leaving we asked if we could pray and she said we should hold hands so we all sat in a little circle and Sister French prayed, and then She said a prayer right after that was so powerful. It melted my heart into a little puddle of joy. She blessed us with power and strength, and that people would open their doors for us because we had a light people need to have. She blessed us that we would be successful and conquer the challenges we face. She was squeezing my hand so tight and I know she was sent to us from God. She is a kindred spirit 🙂 she told me if Brazil takes me she will be so very mad. 
Well I hope you are all safe and happy and enjoying this wonderful life. I sure am. 3 Nephi 5:13 
Love, Sister Packer xxx



(In case anyone’s wondering why none of the people mentioned in the stories are named, Logan has asked for none of her investigator’s names to be mentioned in the blogs, just for their privacy.)


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