More changes!

Welp… I’m being transferred again! This time I don’t know where, or who my companions are, but that’s okay. 

       I was NOT expecting it at all though and so it’s going to be rough leaving our investigators and less actives. Especially K.  (she’s the young mother of two boys. husband is very less active and we still haven’t met him). She just keeps coming to church and meeting with us and reading her scriptures and doing anything we ask her to except pray in front of us (yet). I love her so much because she wants this for HER. She wants to do what is good for her family, even if that means doing it without the support of her husband. That to me is an example of putting the Lord first, even if it’s before people you love sometimes. I know that as she continues on this path, her husband will have a change of heart and follow her example. It’s great because the bishop in this ward is a Catholic convert just like she will be, and he didn’t want to join the church till his wife said she was going to, so he is a great example to K. of being that example for her spouse. 
     And then there’s A. (red headed 30 year old with fun piercings all over). Holy Smokes is she something. The first time we went over she told us her life story, how she’s been in jail and killed her friend in an accident, and can’t afford to have custody of her two daughters (both with different father’s). Anyway, she’s in a very dark place and I was surprised when she said she’d meet with us again. She told us religion isn’t something she really cares about, and argued that we have no proof God exists and all that. So then we went back a few days later and when she opens the door the first thing she does is hug me and tell me she was so worried about us because we were late. We went in and she was just so happy and when we brought up God she listened and even admitted that she never felt closer to God than in her jail cell. She said “why did I pray to something I didn’t think existed?” And then I told her that sometimes God eliminates all the distractions from us so the only option we have is to turn to Him. Her face lit up and she was like “yeah, He does do that doesn’t He.” What a change! I was flipping around inside 🙂 Man I will miss her too. 
        And one more person I will miss so much is J, the LA who is into some addictive things but needs a lot of love. Well, I’m pleased to announce that he came to church!!!! :DDD AHAHHHHHH!! YES! He was so smiley and shaking everyone’s hands. He just needs to come back for heavens sake and he just puts up such a stink about it because he lets the devil sink him down. I told him that this week, but in a nicer way. He didn’t really have anything to say about that. I might never see him again cause we don’t have time for many visits between now and thursday (transfer day) but he looks like Luigi pretty much. tall with the stache. 
        On that note, if anyone sends me something after tuesday of this week, it probably won’t reach me. Hopefully my new area won’t be far and my comps here can just give me anything that comes. Thank you for all the love and support. I loved the letter about camping with all the little notes! And the granola of course 🙂 one of my comps was having a rough day when the package came so I let her eat my granola and read Emma’s letter with the cat on it while I went on splits with our awesome relief society leader to see an old lady who needs lots of love 🙂 that was a good experience too. Everyone cried. 
I love you all so very much. Keep smiling and being happy and enjoying this awesome sunshine. I love it! 
Sister Packer 

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