Hello new mission area!

So guess what?? I have now been in three missions (kinda). My first area of virginia beach was split off and turned into chesapeake mission. Then my second area was the richmond mission. And now my third is the brand new addition to the richmond mission, woodbridge. It’s the tippy toppy part of the area because it used to be DC South and now they got added into our mission. Crazy huh? So this is how transfer meeting went…
No one knew where they were going, or who they would be with as we all sat there jammed into the chapel. The new mission pres started reading off names ONE BY ONE and said who they would be with, and then everyone watched silently as they came together and hugged and sat down. Of course I’m freaking out because I don’t want to have to do that, and I’m just pleading to heaven that I don’t trip, and it’s taking forever for my name to get called. My two old companions get their new companion called and she takes my seat so I move up a bench. Eventually I remember him saying my name and I stand and see a sister coming towards me that must be my companion. So I frantically make room for her on my little bench and hug her and we sit. Phew. I turn and say “So are you training me?” Back up info: The new mission president made it so that all visa waiters are now trained in their temporarily assigned areas instead of having us wait till our final destination, so I was expecting to be trained this transfer.
Anyway, once I whisper that to my companion, she looks at me all confused and says, “No, you’re training ME.” waaaahhhhhh :O so I tried to stay calm and collected but I don’t think I did a good job. My poor poor companion, getting a trainer that could leave any day on a plane, and one that’s never been trained before. But I am doing my best and praying so very hard that I don’t say anything too stupid and that I do all that God wants me to do in this new area. It’s only through Him that I can do anything, and I just love Him so much it hurts because He never lets me down and is always there to calm my heart and tell me where to go and what to say.
And speaking of that, an update on L. (crazy awesome lady who’s had me brushing my hair for the past few months). I heard today that she’s stopped progressing… and she won’t meet with sweet sister misdom and forsyth anymore… it breaks my heart. Tomorrow is the last day of the bet, but she is no where close to baptism. I’ll just keep praying that her heart will change and she will come back.
Sister George is my new companion and she has been out for 6 weeks here in woodbridge so she thankfully knows a lot about the area and what to do. She’s actually the designated driver too cause I don’t think I’m allowed to drive here… ha. But things are moving along… slower than my last area for sure… but I have a lot of hope for this place and know that miracles are happening and big things are coming. I can feel it 🙂
I love you all and will send pics next week (my camera ran out of batteries just now… mahh.).
Love, Sister Packer
(If anyone would like Logan’s new address, let me know!)

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