Sister Logan Packer

Well I have some crazy news guys. I’m leaving Bayside!!! But not for the reason you’re all thinking. I’m being transferred to a place called Clover Hill on Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚ still nothing on my visa, but I’m excited for a new adventure. Virginia is getting spit into two missions and this was the last transfer before the split so everyone was freaking out because they didn’t know which side of the mission they would be put on. Well because I’m being transferred, and both of my companions are staying in Bayside (co-training a new sister:)) they will be in another mission than me now. Weird! And I feel torn because I have grown to love them both so much, more than I thought it was possible to love someone after 6 weeks (especially because we didn’t start to really get along till this week, but that’s another story). I have learned so much from them, and feel ready to try a new place. One of my companions is Sister French, and she’s been in my Zone this whole time and seems like a real sweetheart. She has a really cute face and happy smile and long, dark hair, and she’s from Meridian! Who knew! Our third companion will be a new-be that she’s training (she’s only been out two transfers so this is her first time training) and we’re also shotgunning the area, meaning that none of us have been there before and we’re starting fresh. Woot! ๐Ÿ™‚ exciting stuff my friends. Ok so kinda lame but because of everything happening today this might be all I write. I hope you like the pictures!
First one is from elder Adam packer (it’s japanese for something about how the packers are awesome).
second is my MTC district
third, my friend Linda (my smile is so huge cause it’s her first time coming back to church)
the rest are the beach
and the last one is my companions with the lady we live with (sister greer! I love her to pieces! Isn’t she just so cute! this is her on the day she came back to church after 7 years of not. We got so many refferals that day from the members cause they really respected what we did).
Love you all!!!
Sister Packer
009 006 004 001Image

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