Pictures :)

Here’s some pictures!

First is of me and my two new companions, Sister Montgomery on the left and Sister French on the right. Aren’t they so cute 🙂 their nicnames are Gwen (montgomery) and Precious (French). and the nicname they made for me is cucumber, or cuc for short. Because I’m chill like a cucumber.. haha. Gwen is cause she’s a cute nerd like Gwen on the new spiderman. and Precious is because she’s like a little dolly. She reminds me of you hannah 🙂 she even kinda looks like you with her long dark hair and cute lady face.
Next picture is me with Loise and her babies Jasmine and Desiree. This is the day I left Virginia Beach so I look like a real hot mess.
Then that’s me with Jasmine making funny faces 🙂 haha Loise was making fun of us, telling me I was crazy. I love her. Today’s the 24th day of hair brushing!
And last, that’s my sweet Stacy 🙂 oh how I miss teaching her! she’s the 15 year old who is pretty much the best thing that happened in that area in a long time. This is when we went to see her in a play the last night in Virginia Beach for me. That’s why she’s got the intense makeup on. She’s going to girls camp this summer and I know she’ll get baptized someday 🙂
That’s all for now! I pray for you all and love and miss you, but I know there is no better place for me to be. This week especially I could feel myself changing into a much better version of myself and I know this mission will change my life as I lose myself loving these people. Thank you mom and dad especially for getting me here, and to all my dear friends for sticking by my side. Your examples mean more to me than you’ll ever know.
Love, Sister Logan Packer
Logan 4  ImageImage

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