Hey Friends!

So there’s some exciting news about visas (not necessarily mine). A lot of Portal Flags are changing to Brazil and Argentina, and visa statuses are moving along into the next steps! YAY! Fingers crossed that visas are coming through! Actually, uncross the fingers. The only visas will come is if it’s God’s will and His time. There’s no luck about it. Prayers are good, but I also know that He will send us when it’s right. I’m trying to learn patience in this (key word is trying). But it’s all good in the hood 😉 haha. But really, the hood is a great place to tract. When we’re having a bad day, we go there because it’s where more people will listen to us. If that just means it’s because they’re high as a kite, or because they’re hearts are really softened and ready for our message, we’ll take it. 
PS (familia) – my camera is good with the new battery, but the charger you gave me doesn’t charge it. I’ll try and buy a new one.)
The gospel is true my friends! Never forget our divine heritage, and how blessed we are to know what we know.
Love, Sister Packer

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