Pictures :)

Here’s some pictures!

First is of me and my two new companions, Sister Montgomery on the left and Sister French on the right. Aren’t they so cute πŸ™‚ their nicnames are Gwen (montgomery) and Precious (French). and the nicname they made for me is cucumber, or cuc for short. Because I’m chill like a cucumber.. haha. Gwen is cause she’s a cute nerd like Gwen on the new spiderman. and Precious is because she’s like a little dolly. She reminds me of you hannah πŸ™‚ she even kinda looks like you with her long dark hair and cute lady face.
Next picture is me with Loise and her babies Jasmine and Desiree. This is the day I left Virginia Beach so I look like a real hot mess.
Then that’s me with Jasmine making funny faces πŸ™‚ haha Loise was making fun of us, telling me I was crazy. I love her. Today’s the 24th day of hair brushing!
And last, that’s my sweet Stacy πŸ™‚ oh how I miss teaching her! she’s the 15 year old who is pretty much the best thing that happened in that area in a long time. This is when we went to see her in a play the last night in Virginia Beach for me. That’s why she’s got the intense makeup on. She’s going to girls camp this summer and I know she’ll get baptized someday πŸ™‚
That’s all for now! I pray for you all and love and miss you, but I know there is no better place for me to be. This week especially I could feel myself changing into a much better version of myself and I know this mission will change my life as I lose myself loving these people. Thank you mom and dad especially for getting me here, and to all my dear friends for sticking by my side. Your examples mean more to me than you’ll ever know.
Love, Sister Logan Packer
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Hey Friends!

So there’s some exciting news about visas (not necessarily mine). A lot of Portal Flags are changing to Brazil and Argentina, and visa statuses are moving along into the next steps! YAY! Fingers crossed that visas are coming through! Actually, uncross the fingers. The only visas will come is if it’s God’s will and His time. There’s no luck about it. Prayers are good, but I also know that He will send us when it’s right. I’m trying to learn patience in this (key word is trying). But it’s all good in the hood πŸ˜‰ haha. But really, the hood is a great place to tract. When we’re having a bad day, we go there because it’s where more people will listen to us. If that just means it’s because they’re high as a kite, or because they’re hearts are really softened and ready for our message, we’ll take it.Β 
PS (familia) – my camera is good with the new battery, but the charger you gave me doesn’t charge it. I’ll try and buy a new one.)
The gospel is true my friends! Never forget our divine heritage, and how blessed we are to know what we know.
Love, Sister Packer

Sister Logan Packer

Well I have some crazy news guys. I’m leaving Bayside!!! But not for the reason you’re all thinking. I’m being transferred to a place called Clover Hill on Thursday! πŸ™‚ still nothing on my visa, but I’m excited for a new adventure. Virginia is getting spit into two missions and this was the last transfer before the split so everyone was freaking out because they didn’t know which side of the mission they would be put on. Well because I’m being transferred, and both of my companions are staying in Bayside (co-training a new sister:)) they will be in another mission than me now. Weird! And I feel torn because I have grown to love them both so much, more than I thought it was possible to love someone after 6 weeks (especially because we didn’t start to really get along till this week, but that’s another story). I have learned so much from them, and feel ready to try a new place. One of my companions is Sister French, and she’s been in my Zone this whole time and seems like a real sweetheart. She has a really cute face and happy smile and long, dark hair, and she’s from Meridian! Who knew! Our third companion will be a new-be that she’s training (she’s only been out two transfers so this is her first time training) and we’re also shotgunning the area, meaning that none of us have been there before and we’re starting fresh. Woot! πŸ™‚ exciting stuff my friends. Ok so kinda lame but because of everything happening today this might be all I write. I hope you like the pictures!
First one is from elder Adam packer (it’s japanese for something about how the packers are awesome).
second is my MTC district
third, my friend Linda (my smile is so huge cause it’s her first time coming back to church)
the rest are the beach
and the last one is my companions with the lady we live with (sister greer! I love her to pieces! Isn’t she just so cute! this is her on the day she came back to church after 7 years of not. We got so many refferals that day from the members cause they really respected what we did).
Love you all!!!
Sister Packer
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To answer all who asked, yes all is well πŸ™‚ the only reason I didn’t write yesterday was because the library was closed. I have SO MUCH TO TELL so I’ll try and go speedy quick. My apologies for mispelling and grammer stuff. It hurts me to have mistakes in writing but that’s the way it goes.
So first, I finally got my camera working! Thanks family for sending me what I needed. I’ll send pictures next week.
My companions and I made a rap to the beat of “ice ice baby.”!
“Take head, cause I’m a biblical poet. My names on the tag in case you didn’t know it.
Servin in bayside, virginia beach west side
(bap bap tism, da da da da da da dom dom)
Rollin in a car with a bike rack
Watch out we got BOM’s in our back pack
If there’s a problem yo we’ll solve it
Elder’s listen up while the sisters resolve it.
(bap bap tism, da da da da da da dom dom)”
And last, Jarom I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I don’t care that everyone will read this. I have bragging rights on how awesome my little brother is πŸ™‚ you are an example to me bud. Thank you for being so brave and willing to grow up so fast! I never would have been able to do what you’re doing. You are an example to Me and because of you I’m a better person. I love you!
And Dad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sending you a card that’ll get there way late so I’m sorry. I love you so much and thank you for your support with my book and everything in between. When I’m scared, I think of you and feel very safe. Thank you for always being a safe place to go. I love you!
And to everyone else I didn’t respond to this week, I love you too πŸ™‚ I printed your emails off and will respond back next week.
Remember the Lord loves you, and Christ is the answer for everything.
Love Sister Packer
My companions and I at the beach early early in the morning to watch the sunrise.
And brother hooseΒ with his organ. He loves missionaries and always helps us out when we need it! I love this man!Image