Richmond, Virginia

So here I am… in Virginia :] specifically in the city of Virginia Beach. It’s so beautiful here! It’s a lot like Ireland, but warmer haha. It’s raining today and I’m in heaven. I have two companions, Sister Misdom and Sister Forsythe (sound like wisdom and foresight to anyone else? I think yes). They are sweet girls and I love learning from them. I kinda feel like their pet and I follow them around, observing all they do. One of our favorite things is going to the “hood.” Don’t worry mom, it’s not even bad. I really like it because the people there are humble and will actually listen to us. We’ve made some good friends down there. These sisters have only been here a transfer so we’re all new to this area and are trying to earn the trust of the members and find people to teach. Our ward is mostly made up of army and navy based families who live on base. It’s pretty much 70% toddlers, which is an interesting turn of events from Weiser. 90% Elderly people :]
So some funny things that happened.
The things I’ve been called:
Brazilian, Italian (this african american woman didn’t believe I was from america. She says I speak with lisp and I role my “r’s” like I’m Italian or something. My only guess is that I either picked up a speech impediment, or I have a slight accent from all the portuguese in the MTC), a pioneer mother (from saying “mercy sweet heaven”), a hipster (my nickname in the MTC), and Jackie from that 70’s show (my zone leaders swear I’m her twin). Oh and aparently I’m also the twin to a famous Russian actrice. Forgot her name though…
We met with a less active woman Sister on my first day here. Guess where she’s from… yep. Brazil 😀 WHAT?? So I talked to her for a long time in Portuguese and felt bad my companions were just sitting there cause they don’t know what we’re saying, but she really liked me and I bore my testimony of coming back to church and when we left, the sisters told me that was the most she had opened up about out of any of their lessons. They tell me I’m like an answer to prayer. All I know is that God knows all, and it’s amazing to see how He plans everything so perfectly, and if we’re obedient, He will guide us where He needs us and will let us be apart of His grand picture. It’s an understatement to say I’m so blessed to have been apart of this work thus far, and it’s only my fifth day in the field. Still very much a greenie, but very eager to learn from this place God has put me.
Spiritual thought of the week. We learn in the Bible how to show love to other people through the example of Jesus Christ. He also showed us how to recieve love from God in return. “If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.” John 15:14. Feeling the love of God is conditional on our obedience. Why? Because when we sin, the natural consequence is a seperation from us and God. He doesn’t pull away. We do. He will always love us, but being able to feel that love is conditional on US. That was from a talk by Russel M Nelson called “The mission and ministry of Jesus Christ.”
I hope all is well with you and that you’re feeling the love God and Christ have for you personally. There’s always more, it will never run out. This gospel is true, because Jesus Christ is the center. I love you all.
Sister Logan Packer

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