Last Week in the MTC!

Ola Amigos!
So this is my last week in the dear old MTC. Today my dear sister friend, Sister Cozzins, and I went to the Mall! haha… I know. We got special permission to go and get a couple things that we need for the new places we got called so a cute little lady took us around the Provo Mall this afternoon. It was quite the experience to step out of the issolation here and out where I look different from everybody else. I’m so so excited to go! I can’t express that enough in email but I really am. Jarom, I’m going to write you about what to expect and all that stuff soon so don’t fret bud :] I am so proud of you and imagine you here all the time. Ashley, I went to your kiosk today and you weren’t there! They told me you don’t work there anymore.. which maybe is best.. because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten any shopping done because I would have just sat there with you all day. Some guy said he’d pass on the message that I was there. I wish I could be there for your wedding! I am so happy for you Ash! And I have my re-assingment, but I’m calling home tomorrow at 3pm to give the news so I’ll wait till next email to tell the rest of you… sorry. Anyway, I love you all, and am so glad for the possitive influences you’ve been in getting me here. I don’t have anything that great to say this week because of time, but I have some things I’m including in a hand-written letter for you (family) with lots of good things to say. It might not get sent till next week.
Eu ama voces!
Sister Logan Packer


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